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Understanding Belt Rank

At CMSOJJ we follow the "IBJJF Graduation System." Please refer to the graph below to better understand the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu ranking system.

IBJJF Belt Graduation System Chart
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White Belt Curriculum
Perhaps you are considering trying your first Jiu Jitsu class and are looking for a place to start. Maybe you have a few months experience under your belt and are looking to refine your Jitsu arsenal. Regardless of where you may be among the Jiu Jitsu ranks, Carpe Momentum now offers a unique and comprehensive set-by-step guide to fundamentally refine and improve your game from the ground up. At Carpe Momentum, we believe that white belt is the most critical time in one's Jiu Jitsu career to establish the very fundamentals which will pave the way to one's future self-defense and/or competition capabilities. Join us as we take a look at Carpe Momentum's White Belt Curriculum.
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Blue Belt Curriculum
You have now graduated from White Belt and joined the ranks among your fellow colored belt companions. For those with perhaps a bit more experience under their belt, Carpe Momentum offers advanced curriculum for all students as they climb their way through the ranks. Through Carpe Momentum's new Blue Belt Curriculum one may begin to refine their technique as they begin to master advanced concepts of self-defense and competition training. As one grows as a Blue Belt at Carpe Momentum they will start to form a more technical and stylistic approach to their game. By the time one is ready to graduate from Blue Belt they will not only possess an arsenal of select, meticulously polished techniques specific to their game but also be well-versed in the role of an instructor.
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