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Carpe Momentum Owner/Chief Instructor John trains directly under Samuel Puccio.
​Below is information about Samuel's experience, rank, accomplishments and other information.

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Samuel Puccio

3rd Degree Black Belt
Samuel Puccio is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training under Rodrigo Medeiros, BJJ Revolution Team/Carlson Gracie Team. Samuel started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1997 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1999, he moved to Los Angeles and trained BJJ and boxing for one year with UFC Champion Vitor Belfort and Al Stanke. Samuel trained extensive No Gi freestyle and vale tudo in 2000, and trained with many professional fighters in the Carlson Gracie team; he also worked as an instructor at Left Cross Training Center. In 2002, Samuel moved to Birmingham, Alabama with the hopes of bringing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the Southeast. Today, that goal is a reality — Samuel Puccio Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has 10 locations with over 500 students.
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